Atari Pong Coffee Table  $USD
Atari Pong Coffee Table  $USD
Atari Pong Coffee Table  $USD
Atari Pong Coffee Table  $USD
Atari Pong Coffee Table  $USD
Atari Pong Coffee Table  $USD
Atari Pong Coffee Table  $USD
Atari Pong Coffee Table  $USD
Atari Pong Coffee Table  $USD
Atari Pong Coffee Table  $USD

Atari Pong Coffee Table $USD

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About Us
UNIS Technology is one of the World's largest Amusement
Game manufacturers with offices all over the Globe. In 2014, the idea of the
Atari Pong® Table came to life by a group of friends in Uruguay. With no
technical or engineering backgrounds, the idea was born and soon brought to
life in its very first prototype. After exposing their brain child online, the social
response was undeniable, therefore leading to the Kick Starter campaign in
2017. Our team at UNIS Technology knew that they could create something
amazing with the prototype that had already been created, and then took over
the project in 2018. After having it officially licensed by Atari, the buzz only
grew more. Today, our team is immensely proud of the product that has been

Reinvigorate any room with a sleek, modern take on Atari iconic 1972 game. Pong® has been re-imagined in the form of a live-action arcade coffee table, all thanks to incredible mechanics and next-generation AI technology. The Atari Pong® Coffee Table and Stool Bundle allows you to play Pong® in style, and stay comfortable for hours. Complete the look with the full set, and add a heaping dose of nostalgia wrapped in an elegant design fit for any space in your home and office.


  • Inspired by the classic Atari game, The Atari Pong® Coffee Table utilizes magnets and pulleys over digital software to bring you back to the early 1970's but adds a touch of modern-day flair.
  • The power supply is a standard 110 with a universal power connector. The cord comes out of one of the legs of the table, on the inside.
  • Fold the wooden panels back to convert your coffee table into your own personal Pong® game center.
  • Play Pong® against AI or against a friend. Looking for a challenge? Choose from 3 speed modes: Easy, Normal, Expert
  • Spill-resistant and sealed, so you don’t have to worry about spilling your drink when the action gets going.
  • Listen to the table’s soundtrack, or connect your phone via Bluetooth and use the table’s built-in speakers to enjoy your own personal playlist.
  • Charge your phone and devices via the 6 USB charging ports.
  • The Atari Pong® Coffee Table also includes a clock display, scoreboard, and an assortment of customization LED lights.
  • The Atari Stool is designed to match The Atari Pong® Coffee Table. Comfortable, stylish and fits neatly in small spaces.
  • The Atari Stool features a soft vinyl exterior and internal padding making sitting, relaxing and playing the Atari Pong® Table comfortable for hours.
  • The table operates using trolleys and magnets, both of which help to move paddles and the "ball" around the playfield.
Overall Dimensions : 48'' x 29''x 18'' 
Overall Product Weight:  280 lb